The Soil Science Study Program uses the OBE (Outcome Based Education) curriculum which refers to the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (KKNI). The curriculum is a guide for the learning process prepared based on CPL (Graduate Learning Outcomes) or PLO (Program Learning Outcomes). Soil Science Study Program always strives to fulfill graduates with (1) attitudes and values ​​in accordance with the norms of religion, Pancasila, and applicable law, as well as the spirit of struggle with the motto Wasaka (Waja to Kaputing), (2) the ability of knowledge about soil science and (3) is able to show the ability as expected, and has responsibility (managerial ability).

Educational objectives (Program Educational Obdjectives) Soil Science Study Programs or graduate profiles are based on the needs of stakeholders so that graduates are able to contribute to the improvement of an organization or society by using value abilities, knowledge and skills to solve real problems.