The laboratories at PS soil science faculty of Agriculture University of gastric Mangkurat who first became known as a laboratory Soil laboratory is directed to facilitate the implementation of the learning process in soil science studies Program.  This lab is set to serve the students and professors who are in the environment University of gastric Mangkurat mainly on Soil Science courses in the educational process and teaching as well as research specifically related to the field of science land for farming. Along with the development of the current laboratory, Land has also committed a service to the community as additional tasks run.


  1. Become a laboratory able to support and provide optimal service to the world pendidikandan teaching as well as research and especially in the field of soil science.
  2. Be a reference laboratory for examination or analysis of the soil samples, tissues and fertilizer (organic and inorganic) in Borneo region.


  1. Improve the quality of knowledge and skills analysis-analysis of the work in the laboratory of soil by requiring them in training, courses and internships on the issues related to the work and management of the laboratory .
  2. Create standard operating procedures as a reference in management and laboratory pengoperasionalan.
  3. Provide facilities for practical activity courses offered at the Faculty of Agriculture University of gastric Mangkurat in particular and generally are mainly related to the science of land for farming.
  4. Provides a facility to support research activities for students and lecturers especially being in the environment the University of gastric Mangkurat object related to the field of study of the science of soil for agriculture.
  5. Provides services related to the analysis of soil, plant tissue and fertilizers for the general users both inside and outside the environment University of gastric Mangkurat.
  6. Seeking sustainability of operational activities throughout the lab independently by managing all laboratory operations from funds earned on sales analysis services samples of soil, fertilizer and plant tissue.
  7. Maintaining the quality and results of analysis issued by laboratories routinely follow the assay activity Cross (cross checking) dikordinasikan by Balai Besar Research Ground of Bogor.