May 20, 2021

Social Service x HIMATAN Teaches

The donation of HIMATAN Social Service with a total of Rp 7,970,000 was collected to Wiyata Kartika Putra Orphanage which was held on: Day, date: Friday, 30 April 2021Time: 15.00 WITA – finished This activity was carried out in conjunction …

May 10, 2021

Comparative Study With HIMILTA UNSRI 2021

A comparative study of HIMATAN with HIMILTA UNSRI has been carried out with the theme “Building relationships and exchanging ideas to Improve Association Performance in the Middle of a Pandemic” on: Day, date: Saturday, April 24, 20Time : 09.00 WITA …

May 6, 2021

Introduction The Scope of Soil Science 2021

The series of activities for Introduction The Scope of Soil Science 2021 with the theme LOAM “Leadership of Agent Millennials 4.0” which have been held for 2 days, on: Day, date: Saturday-Sunday, 16-17 January 2021Time: 08.00 WITA – finished Furthermore, …

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